Playtor Promise

Cutting waste instead of corners, we promise the perfect balance of Affordable Quality Homes, Intelligent Planning, Customer Centric Approach, On-time Delivery. This balance is arrived at by listening to our customer's needs and challenges and then providing solutions tailored specifically to their needs. The result is homes that make sense in the long run inspiring people to demand more from the places they live.

Affordable Quality Homes

Playtor has partnered with Outinord for construction. The innovative constructions systems at Outinord allow developers to achieve superior quality and reduce completion time of projects, up to 3 times faster than traditional methods. The system not only enhances the building’s seismic properties, but a strong durable form helps produce better quality wall finishes and wind resistant structures. This technology has been used in 12 million apartments worldwide.

Intelligent Planning

Dream Home. A desire that’s built within every human mind. Building your dream is a work that needs precious hours of planning and intelligence. Smaller homes need not necessarily be devoid of the many roles a home plays. With Intelligent planning we aim to incorporate different utilities in the same space.

Customer Centric Approach

At Playtor, our goal is to consistently deliver a delightful experience to our customers right from the awareness stage, through the sales process process and finally the post sales process. We put your needs at the core of our business and then align our structure, resources and processes to best serve them.

On-time Delivery

We understand what it takes to ensure successful delivery. This relentless drive for more agile, smarter ways to provide a strong solution for our clients means utilising technology and innovation that challenges conventional thinking and sets new industry standards. With the help of our technology partner Outinord we maintain a committed focus on timely delivery of every project.

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